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Program: Adobe Photoshop CS4 (But can be followed by older versions)
Level: Easy/Basic
(Will have another tutorial of the same style as last time coming soon; right now, I'm on a deadline and don't have much free time before April.)

This is a very simple tutorial for

uninvitedgrace .  She was looking for some 100x100 Circle Masks.  So, we’re going to learn how to make our own brushes today!

  (Even if you don't want to make circles, this tutorial will teach you how to make and save your own brushes. ^_^)


If you want to learn how to do circle masking, ch_photoshopped has a nice, simple tutorial (and brush set, too!) here.

It's really easy to make your own circular brushes.  (If you don’t want to take the time to make them, however, you can download the brush set I made during this tutorial here.

(I made these using CS4; I'm not sure if older versions can use these brushes or not.  All versions of Photoshop, however, are able to follow the tutorial!)


Tutorial #1: Full Moon

Okay, after discussing Photoshop stuff with dablackrose , I've decided to try my hand at making tutorials here.  I haven't used this journal in forever, I know.  I'm really behind on posting icons!  I'll need to start doing that again.

I'm also going to start using this journal to make tutorials.  I've never done this before, and I'm starting very basic b/c I think DBR is bringing other people into this (and they may not have any Photoshopping experience), but I'll gradually work my way up to bigger things!

Today for our first tutorial, we're going to make this icon:   

from    to  .


Click here to see how it's done!Collapse )

*twilight zone* An update is here!

I'm really sorry for neglecting this poor blog for so long! As you probably know, this last semester of school was HELL for me. I didn't have any free time to breathe, let alone fool around on the computer. This summer, I had spotty internet. Now that I'm in Japan with a full-time job and not fighting the battle of school on the side, I plan to update more frequently!

I realllllllllllllllly need to get back into iconning. I wonder if my communities are upset that I abandoned them?? *I'm sorry!!!*

I have a few random icons here and there that will make their way here as I organize things. I want to re-do these posts so that what I have so far is grouped together. That will make it easier to make memories and chronicle things a bit better.

I really need to get back into the swing of things. I'm finally dusting off my writing skills, but now my Photoshopping skills are dustier than ever. I really need to start playing again--especially because all of the new features sound like so much fun (especially Vanishing Point)!!!


More icons!

Fresh from the press! These are the (21) icons that I worked on over break that weren't for anything special.


A la modeEnchantedSteveSummertime

Hey tearcatcher, that's all that you are...Collapse ) Later on I will decipher which icons I've done since the last big post b/c I know I didn't have time to post what little I did all semester. I also have to update my list of sources. But, for now...FOOD!!!

Comments are signs of love... ^_^

Last Wave..

Okay, so while I was home, I intended to finish my 100 icons for icons100. Truly. But...I had no internet and I couldn't DVDcap the movie and I didn't have as much time as I thought I would. I did, however, make 25 icons...and so I may not have made any deadlines..or extension deadlines...but I do still have some fresh icons!!


First EmbraceOvercomeImmortal
Of Kites and Painters...Collapse )


Abracadabra......I AM alive!!

Okay, so I have ten more Ever After icons.

I know, I know, long time no see. School is KILLING me this semester--Literally AND figuratively. I wouldn't have had time to make these if my internet hadn't been down for the past week (and all of my work, of course, didn't get done because of this fact...now I'm behind since it finally came back up TONIGHT >.<).

I have some random icons and stuff on my desktop that I'll get around to posting..erhm....one of these days?

But for now......Ever After icons because I DID sign up for a challenge on icons100 way back when.........but I have had no time to work on it! (If I had known how horrible this semester would be, I would have never signed up...I feel horrible for not being able to finish what I said I would do ;_;).

Anyway, a preview:

Ever After Ever After Ever After

And we, Princess, are supposed to live happily ever after...Collapse )

For my first ten entries, click here.


Living a Fairytale...

These are my first ten entries for the icons100 challenge! I really must be crazy....

Then again, I also thought I'd have a lot more free time than I do, lol! Oh well! It'll give me something to relax to!!

I have claimed the character Danielle De Barbarac from the movie Ever After. I'm really excited because I've been wanting to make icons for this movie for ages now, and I never get around to it!!

Breathe...just breathe...Collapse )

More to come....

To bring us up to speed....

Geh. I'm so annoyed that I had to go and lose all of my entries. Now I can't track what I did week by week, etc. Well, I saved the page itself, so someday when I have time to re-html it all I guess I can do a lump entry in the first slot so it doesn't clog FLs. I dunno. Besides, those pages had all of my credit information. GAH!!!

Anyway, I've decided to just throw everything underneath a cut so that every icon ever is here. At least it will be organized this way!!! The only order to it is that I'll be going from the oldest page of my photobucket account to the newest page, so everyone will go from oldest to newest (relatively, anyway) by category. ^_^

Preview! Preview! Preview! Preview!

[All four of these are relatively new icons that never made it here to begin with....]

Can you still hear the butterflies? Can you still feel the last goodnight...?Collapse )

Whew! That was a long, sordid mess!!! Oh well, at least it'll never be that big again! I still can't believe I've made so many icons!!

Time for a change!

Okay, so I just turned this ijournal into a community. Why, you ask? Mainly because it's easier than logging in and out all of the time. Not to mention, now I can post with more than three icons and I can have specialized mood icons (I need to change them soon, though....along with my layout!).

Anyway, sorry for the confusion!

I will update soon with a post of all of my icons....I wanted to re-up my entries and backdate them, but that isn't allowed in a community and I didn't want to spam you all with a zillion entries. :-(

I have to leave for work soon, so it may not be until later this week since I have J-Board after work and that can last until 10 p.m.! 13-hour day....here I come! x.X